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Quality system

Quality system
Quality policy:
Survive on high quality, development with prestige, improve product quality continuously, to satisfy the customers.
Quality tenet
¡òOverall process qualified rate of production (project installation): 95%
¡òQualified rate of product dispatched from the factory (project is completed) : 100%
¡òCustomers¡¯ satisfaction 100%
Environment policy:
¡òUndertaking the technological idea " energy-saving, protecting the earth environment ", standardize staff's behavior.
¡òCreate and offer products harmonious with environment. Carry the quests such as energy saving, preventing pollution, reducing pollution, governing pollution, protecting environment, and improving interior air quality through the courses of design and manufacture of air conditioners.
¡òRegard reducing environmental load as goal to carry on the all-round innovation, foundation of the products and improve company¡¯s environmental performance continuously.
¡òPerfect the environment management system and develop the green environmental protection idea.

In addition:Administration of all quality system certificates ensures the traceability of products quality. The responsibility of product quality comes to departments and person. Our market department, after-sale service department and management department have a ticket of veto power of quality control in quality control.

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